Do you need constant cash support, month in and month out? With longer-tenure credit, flexible payment plan and lower equity, banking with us is a rewarding relationship that enables you to enjoy the good things of life.

Business/Working Capital Loan

Rockshield MFB offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to easily access loans in a transparent and efficient manner. Our highly professional loan officers assure our clients of quality services. Loan currently ranges from N100,000 and above with flexible repayment. 

➜6 months tenor
➜Flexible interest rates
➜24hrs turn around time
➜To meet urgent demand
➜No initial deposit
➜Flexible payment plan
➜Business must be operational for a minimum of one year and must be within our coverage areas (no start up business).
➜6 months statement of account (soft copy or hard copy and duly stamped).
➜Undated cheques covering the full loan period
➜Guarantor’s consent and undated cheques (at least 3 leaflets).
➜Corporate account – Tax id and registration documents
➜Share’s allotment and board resolution
➜10% Security deposit (depending on loan amount and collateral)

Salary Advance Loan

This is targeted at employee who works for reputable organization with verifiable income through pay slips or statement of account.

➜24hrs turn around time
➜6 months tenor
➜Flexible interest rates and payment plan.
➜To meet urgent needs like rent, car purchase, school fee payment
➜No initial deposit
➜Letter of employment/ confirmation
➜6 months statement of account/payslips
➜Staff and official id card
➜Undated cheques on salary account
➜Guarantors with cheque (depending on loan amount)
➜Interest rate = 4 – 6% reducing balance (subject to change depending on loan amount)

Asset Financing

This is a type of loan where assets and equipment needed for the smooth operation of the business are financed by the bank while the customer ensures payment of the assets based on the terms of the agreement. 

➜24hrs turn around time.
➜Accessibility to acquire fixed assets needed for the business.
➜Flexible interest rates and payment plan.
➜6 months tenor
➜Completed Application Form
➜Parent must have salary account with the bank.
➜Child must must have an account with the bank.
➜Invoice of school /tuition fees.

Local Purchase Order (LPO) Finance

Local purchase order gives clients a fund assistance of 100% direct payment to vendor for project financing. Assessment and availability of purchase order is a major criterion.

➜24hrs turn around time
➜Flexible interest rates and payment plan.
➜No initial deposit
➜Moratorium up to 60days
➜60 days tenor
➜Confirmation of order – (the ordering company)
➜Domiciliation of account
➜Undated cheques
➜Maximum of 6 months maturity
➜Interest rate = 4 – 6% reducing balance (subject to change depending on loan amount)
➜Interest monthly and principal at maturity


This is when a customer is allowed to withdraw more than what he/she has in the account. This is applicable to existing customers and interest is very flexible and calculated on a daily basis while the principal payment is made at maturity.

➜24hrs turn around time
➜Easy accessibility
➜Available to existing customer with good records
➜Flexible interest rates and payment plan
➜No initial deposit
➜Existing customer with good history.
➜Undated cheques.
Interest rate 4- 6% Reducing balance.
➜60days maturity (maximum).
➜Monthly interest and principal at maturity/ Interest and capital at the end of maturity (flexible payment plan).
➜Roll over with interest paid.

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